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Wine Barrels only selects the finest, premium tight-grain, slow growth American oak (Quercus Alba) from parts of Kentucky, Missouri and Minnesota. The oak is air-dried for at least two years and exposed to both winter and summer weather. Our oak barrels are bent and toasted over oak fires to a customer's specification using our traditional methods. Our slow toast penetrates deeply without blistering or scorching allowing the barrel to impart subtle oak overtones. Our customers can also select French oak. Our French oak barrels are more subtle and spicy, offering textures of satin or silk. 

  • White Oak Source

    Missouri Ozarks, Central Kentucky, Southwest Kentucky, Minnesota, Central France.

  • Our Barrel Sizes

    5, 8, 10, 15, 23, 30, 53, 60, 80 - Gallon.  
    White Oak Bung Included.